Sugarcane Skin Care





Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC.  During the process, a ball of sugar, lemon juice and water is controlled and molded onto the skin by the Esthetician. This molding is done against the hair growth and is removed with the hair growth. This makes for a less painful experience.  Unlike wax, the sugar does not stick to the skin- only dead skin cells and hair.  

What should I do before my appointment?

  • Exfoliate and moisturize until the day before your appointment.

  • Drink lots of Water! 

  • Be on time!

  • Some clients find that taking ibuprofen an hour before helps. PLEASE check with your doctor if you are not sure about this. 

Sugaring - FAQ's

Does Sugaring hurt?

Sugaring is less painful than waxing due the temperature of the Sugar (body temp or just above) and that the sugar only adheres to dead skin cells and hair. 

How do I prepare for my appointment?

 Your hair should be at least 1/8th of an inch long for best results of your first treatment.  Make sure to exfoliate your skin, but not 24 hours before your service. Please inform us of any allergies, sensitivities, conditions, or medications prior to your service.

I’m on my period, can I still get sugared?

Yes. You may be more sensitive in the few days leading up to your period and the first few days of your period. Please use a tampon for sanitary reasons.

I am Expecting- can I still get sugared? 

YES! I will use pillows and or a "Wedge" to ensure your comfort. I do ask that you discuss your appointment with your OB/Midwife/Birth coach. A quick note from them is helpful if you are high risk or close to delivery,  so I know we have both you and your baby's safety in mind. Also if you are a first time client- please let me know prior to you appointment so I can be ready for you!

If I have never had a Bikini, Extended Bikini or Brazilian should I trim my hair? 

No! We will take care of that for you at no charge. Better for us to do it rather than it be too short or too long. 

If I have been sugaring/ waxing, why can't I schedule a "Maintenance Appointment"?

Everyone is different! The first appointment "typically" takes longer. If you think you are a candidate for a maintenance appointment- Text us! Please let me know when you were last sugared and how long you have been sugaring. We want to take care of you! 


  • If your appointment is at the end of your day, please bring CLEAN clothes to change in to. This will help keep bacteria off of your fresh skin. Men- Please bring a clean WHITE t-shirt to put on after your chest or back service.

  • 24 hours after your service stay clean, cool and free from friction.

  • 24 hours after your service refrain from strenuous activity that might get sweat/bacteria on the freshly sugared area. This includes working out and or sexual activity. Doing these things will increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs or breakouts.

  • Please don’t suntan for about 48 hours after you’ve been sugared. You are freshly exfoliated and we want to avoid sun damage and burning.

  • 48 hours after being sugared begin daily exfoliation on the sugared area.

  • Continue to moisturize and exfoliate until your next appointment!

Proper at home care will help to ensure a better experience for you. It is vital to exfoliate, hydrate and detox your skin on a regular basis in-between treatments. When your skin is in the best condition possible, hair is extracted easier and can grow back properly without causing ingrowns.