So Why Skin Care? Why Esthetics? Why Self Care?


In 2006 or so I had a cyst removed from my back. I asked the Dermatologist if I could see the section of skin she removed. I was FASCINATED! It looked just like it does in every biology book you seen in school. 

Around this same time I had been working for a software company, traveling 2-3 weeks month, sometimes putting 1200 miles on a rental car in 4 days. I was eating crappy (McDonalds and every other fast food chain you can think of.) not exercising, and not really socializing with anyone but a few close friends. When I did try to meet up with friends I got responses like "I have to go to the gym", " I have to meet my trainer", "I have a Massage" appointment ( These are all integral part of Self Care for some!!) I did not understand then that they were putting themselves first. Fast forward a few years I discovered Sugaring (more on that later), I decided I was sick of buying the biggest size at the store, and wanted to be better for me. 

I discovered Skiing again and started teaching for a great ski school that I now call family. I started running and made it a priority, and read some great books on how to be vulnerable and dare to take chances and changed my eating habits. I started practicing Self-care!

Now did all those changes get me to where I am today? Maybe. Did they give me more confidence to ask for what I NEED and WANT? YES!!! Did they make me happier? Sometimes they do! Did they happen overnight? HELL NO! 

I had been thinking of making a career change and just couldn't see a way to make it happen with bills to pay and my travel schedule. Then my world was rocked when I lost my job, I spent a year volunteering, went back to work, found another great job, that job moved to Texas, found another job- uggg. I was flailing! 

I did know I wanted to be married, I wanted children, I wanted to enjoy what I did and share my story with others. I started making changes to make these things happen. I started envisioning them happening and I was unapologetic about what I wanted. I continued practicing Self-care!

With the support of my family, a wise mentor, amazing new boyfriend (now husband) I quit my tech/retail energy suck of a job and went to Esthetician School. I thought I was going in one direction when I started and realized all along that what I needed to be doing was sugaring! Again with some wise words and encouragement from a fellow Sugarist and trainer- Sugarcane Skin Care was born!